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Sale of limited edition art photographs


Why buy an art photo?


Buying an artist's photograph is the guarantee of acquiring an authentic and signed work . You will not find on this site photos drawn in thousands of copies, devoid of personality and sold in the chain in decoration stores.


Each work offered in the gallery is drawn in a limit of 30 copies, the custom print in the format, material and paper that you choose make it an all the more exclusive acquisition.


If you are a collector or if you are looking for absolute exclusivity, you can acquire a unique work numbered 1/1 ( contact me for prices and availability).


Namely, if you acquire a work of art as a business , you authorize yourself to deduct the purchase price from your profit and loss account.



An initiative for the planet


By acquiring one of these photos, beyond a work of authentic spirit and intimately linked to the style and soul of the author, you will leave with the conviction of having participated in the conservation of our beautiful Amazon forest.


In fact, through a partnership based on common convictions of conservation and preservation, all the profits from the sale of images via this site are donated to Panthera Sanctuary , an Amazonian conservation reserve in Madre de Dios (Peru).


The funds collected are dedicated to the expansion of this already strong reserve of 60 hectares of primary forest, through the acquisition of adjacent plots to accentuate the fight against deforestation.


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Rulers bleu

150 X 90


120 X 80


124 X 70

60 X 40

90 X 60


89 X 50

Modèle de 180cm


150 X 100

The prices here are those of a Dibond print base (which I recommend +++), in matt or glossy paper in the format of your choice.  


All the prints are made by an experienced team, who have been producing high quality digital and digital prints for many years, and honoring the satisfaction of art photography clients through personalized and professional service.


For any request for specific support (American box in aluminum, embedded, wood, aluminum or wood frame, pvc, ...) please tell me to get a quote adapted to availability.

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